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Round Up (Aug. 30): Gene Simmons of KISS – Transhumanism – Why People Don’t Get the Bible – Q and 17 – Deep State Child Abuse – Communist Infiltration of Schools

The Day Gene Simmons of KISS Received the Gospel

This interested me in part because I used to love KISS. “Russ Dizdar reminisces on the day he met Gene Simmons(from heavy metal group KISS) and God allowed him to share salvation with him.”

The very last words of this clip are true – God gives everyone an opportunity.

Try to Tell Yourself Transhumanism Is Normal

This “Human Cyborg” is what the media wants you to accept. “This is normal.” (It’s not.)

Why People (Usually) Balk at the Bible

Not understanding or disbelieving the Bible is usually the result of one of three faults. Each is the fault of the reader, not the Bible. There are some reasons people don’t “get” the Bible. They are:

  1. Not taking the time to find out who is being spoken to in the passage.
  2. Not reading the whole context of a passage.
  3. Not making the effort to gather all the facts regarding a passage.

Q and 17

Tying into my series on symbols (part 1 here), I should mention that numbers can be used to symbolize things. Steve Quayle commented on this article: “SEVENTEEN IS THE NUMBER OF PRESERVATION IN THE MIDST OF GODS JUDGMENT! NOT GOOD “.

But I couldn’t help but think about 17 when I read about the Jacksonville video game tournament shooting. What game were they playing? Madden 17. And speaking of symbolism, the shooter Katz (think: “cats”) did this on August 26th – National Dog Day.

Giant Golden Library

“There were giants in the earth in those days.” Hunt for the Metal Library – Expedition Unknown S04E06.

Is a Deep State Child Abuse Ring Really and Truly Possible?

I asked if such things are even possible – and came to a conclusion. Still don’t believe Q’s allegations about deep state child abuse? Read this. Bad enough for ya? Believable enough for ya?

McCarthy Was Onto Something

Socialists (and Communists) have been infiltrating institutions for years. Decades. This is nothing new.
Democratic Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because ‘They Can’t Win in the Battle of Ideas’…’if they teach history, they’re going to lose’.