Round Up (Aug 25): Bicyclists Killed By ISIS – Tekashi 6ix9ine – Witchcraft – George Soros – Illuminati Hollywood Explained

Today’s news Round Up is not as lengthy as others, but not due to lack of interesting items in the world. Mostly, I’ve been busy and working on part 2 of my symbolism article.

What is atheism, anyway? Atheism is basically just hatred of God, dressed up in the suit of intellectualism.

The Verdict Is In: Evil IS Real

You’ve probably heard about the two supremely naive vegan bicyclists from DC who got deaded in Tajikistan. Cyclists Claimed Evil Was ‘Make-Believe,’ Killed In Trip Through ISIS Territory.

No, that is NOT a satirical headline from “The Onion” – these were real people who met a tragic end due to a denial of reality. They were libs who didn’t believe that evil was real, so they went to the other side of the world and got killed by ISIS.

According to an NPR article about the two pedaling progressives, Austin wrote in April: “Badness exists, sure, but even that’s quite rare.”

Not too rare in ISIS-land, however! For people like him (i.e. white, naive, soft, and infidel), he went to the epicenter of getting killed.

The #1 lesson to learn from this is: “Avoid going to places that end in ‘-stan’.” No sympathy. He shoulda known.

The #2 lesson that should be plain to see is: “Evil IS real.”

The #3 lesson we should divine from these peoples story is: “Badness might be rare, but it is interested in finding you.”

You might have wondered, why do people sometimes absolutely refuse to acknowledge the reality of evil?

A quote from The Nature of Now explains some of it:
“The misunderstanding of many on the right is that those espousing evil principles can be trusted to ‘live and let live.’ [They can’t. – SP] I hear this often by decent people, and while on its surface it speaks to their desire to avoid conflict, it also betrays a lack of understanding about what they are confronting. Live and let live is merely an opportunity for evil to retreat and regroup. Most of us have had a steady diet of postmodernist thought fed to us since birth…we have been inculcated with the idea that good and evil have this give and take relationship…One of the primary reasons for the success evil has enjoyed, specifically in the last five decades, is that many of us will refuse to acknowledge the natural result of a person espousing evil ideals and living those out.”

Summary of the above: The reason so many people don’t believe certain truths is they refuse to believe in evil. Part of the set of facts scares them, so they decide to not know any of it. You know people like that.

The attitude is shown in the following comment on Heartiste: “none of this can be true because that would be conspiracy theory and we are told by those who are so well informed and logical that that would be irrational for doubting the official narrative.” LOL. Pretty much.

Degenerate Music Has Come a Long Way

It used to be Elvis was called a bad influence. So then what is this guy? An evil-looking low-life criminal rapper is still in demand as a highly popular performer. Normal people see news items like this and ask questions: What is wrong with the music industry? Is all music the same? Is all culture equally valid?

Well, what can you expect from people who have rejected truth and beauty? “Degenerates need proper guidance and to be kept on a short leash.” So THAT’S how our society kept things together in the old days.

Children Accused of Witchcraft in UK

I read things like this, and contrast it with the faith in the Bible. The people described in this article are caught up in the primitive animism, ancestor worship, and witchcraft. Superstition. If any of these people knew Christ, they would know better. But they are ignorant of the truth, so they think that they need to torture people to expel demons.

Are all religions the same? Is Christianity just another religious belief system just like all the others? Is anything different about it? What is different about Christian salvation, specifically? Are the results of Christianity different? Do Christian ethics and morals build up or tear down? Is a life lived for Christ well-lived – or is it better to live for “self”?

The Hand of Soros

Details Of Communist Ocasio-Cortez’s Ties To George Soros Exposed. Is George Soros really behind these things? Does he really believe what he’s said he beleives? Is he all talk or does he take action? If he takes action on his beliefs – and they’re public record – how can anyone doubt that this is real?

Hollywood Illuminati Pedos

Want to know the truth about Hollywood and its satanic Illuminati system? Tiffany Fitzhenry understands the pyramid system.

Key quote: “they are signaling”

Just go through her Twitter images for a fairly convincing commentary on the situation in Hellywood.