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Round-Up (Aug. 21): Deep State – Q – Satanic Temple – Paganism – Censorship – Alien Abductions

Are the Alleged Sins of the Deep State Believable?

I recently pondered the question of whether or not the weird rumors about the so-called “elites” could even be true (supposed child sex abuse, kidnapping, satan worship, and more) in this post on the Deep State. In that post, I brought up some past proven examples of just these sorts of things. (Some of you added additional examples in the comments.)

For visitors might still be skeptical about the possibilities – either because they seem too big to cover up or because you don’t think humans are capable of such horrors – here are some recent news items to add to the evidence that these things could be so:

Farm orgies involving three men having sex with horses, cows, goat and dogs for five years discovered by police – the title says it all. Do you think people aren’t capable of the most sickening sins? See Romans 1:24, Romans 1:26 and especially Romans 1:32 if you want to know why and how people get away with these things for so long. [The reprobate mind is a real thing my friends – and the human heart really is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. The proof we each need the Savior is all around us, constantly!]

‘Potentially thousands’ of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms – How could thousands of children become enslaved in a modern city? It happened. Is it conceivable that there are other child slave operations that have not been caught – or are being protected? Think!!

Myrtle Beach man accused of wanting to enslave, eat child sentenced to probation – Yes, that headline is accurate. The way it’s explained? Take your pick: he had “autism” and/or he was “joking”. JOKING…just like all the celebrities I highlighted in this article on Hollywood Pedos.

Another Take On “Q”

Vox Day’s post The confidence game brought to mind a pretty good movie called House of Games from 1987. A “long con” is the focus of the movie. And that’s what Vox Day is highlighting in a way.

Don’t follow? Then peruse this thread: The Great Mystery has been why there are no perp walks yet, despite oceans of evidence. Maybe this 8chan autist has solved it. and view this infographic (click to enbiggen it) or this modified annotated version.

Satan’s Special Olympians

This Satanic Temple Rally was supposed to be edgy and rebellious, I’m sure. Maybe the people feel ominous and powerful because they are in league with the prince of darkness™. I don’t really know, but when I see these people I just think of them as sad losers. And I truly feel sad for them, believe it or not.

I mean, they think they’ve got it right – but they’ve literally chosen to side with a loser (spoiler: satan loses at the end). I feel sad for atheists as well, but in a different way – because they’re just spiritually blind (or have pride issues).

But a worshipper of satan? They chose to be on the side of the devil…and they look pitiful. I bet satan even laughs at them for how dorky they are.

I don’t mean to insult mentally-challenged people at all, believe me. But I can’t help but think of these kinds of people as satan’s “short bus” students. You know, the special kids who have to wear helmets. Sad!

Paganism Can’t Save the West

To highlight something from Vox Day again, because it’s pretty smart: “What we’re actually seeing – this is kind of ironic – the interest in paganism, particularly on the part of young Westerners, is a reaction to two things. Number one, it’s a reaction to the increased number of Muslims in the West, but number two, it’s also a reaction to the complete failure of atheism. It’s a reaction to the failure of secular societySecular humanism has completely failed and so because of that people are looking for alternatives.Yes, I can see it. Everyone needs the true God in their lives.

The REAL Truth About Fake News…and Social Media Censorship

Mask Off – Social Media Censor King REVEALED. Read it. Who is involved? Who is funding it? What does “fake news” mean according to their definition?

More Alien Abductions in the News

I couldn’t help but link to this article. Again, not just UFOs but alien abductions in the news. And this time, it’s a major political candidate who claims to be an abductee. What is going on here?? The Daily Crow pointed her out as well, and linked to the following video, which I like:

By Their “Fruits” You Shall Know Them

Politico Takes Heat for Blaming Roy Cohn’s Death by AIDS on His ‘Decadent Homosexual Lifestyle’. An article about an article that hit too close to home – and the truth. (See Romans 1, once again.) And as far as the “offensive” phrase that was censored? File this one under “duh”.