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Round Up (Aug 17): Mandela Effect – Animal Cloning – NBC Peacock Angel – Web Censorship

Mandela Effect is the Fruit of New Bible Translations

You may know that I believe in and read the KJV bible. I agree with Ken Thompson who advocated Textus Receptus-based translations, but I go a step further and stick with the KJV. Most believers I know use new translations, but in my opinion the new Bibles do more harm than good. And now, this supposed “Mandela Effect” phenomenon proves that the new Bibles have done nothing but harm to Christians and churches.

You want to know what causes all the Mandela Effect “proofs”? It’s not that the actual Bible ever changed. It’s that people are thoroughly confused due to the various translations they’ve heard and read over the years. It seems that no one knows what the Bible really said (anymore). This video purports to show words that mysteriously changed in the Bible (they didn’t).

Sorry if you wish it was true that reality was changed by CERN, but the Bible word in the KJV was always spelled “stoicks”. If we’re going on what people remember, I should get a say as well – and I do distinctly remember that from the late 1990s or so. And I remember that the KJV always said “bottles” – not “wineskins”.

We’re basing all of these Mandela Effects on people’s faulty memories, inaccurate understanding of words, confusion caused by the new translations, and mass excitement over something new. Plain and simple. Drop the Mandela Effect nonsense, brothers and sisters: it makes believers look foolish.

Clones of Ancient Animals

If you’ve read the fictional book Alien Outpost, one of the characters that really “jumps” right out is the creature known as the HOGAN – the hybrid used by the military. You may have thought it was made up out of thin air. You may have thought it would be ridiculous to include a reptilian creature with dog-like personality traits. But it’s based on science fact and on real developments currently happening. Not exactly the same thing as in the fictional novel – but an interesting line of pursuit in the real world, nonetheless.

Ye Shall Be As Gods

The elites believe that every step towards independence from God is becoming like God, and the more they become like God they more independent from Him they can be. And apparently, many want to get away from Him. (That’s one way you know that transhumanism is satanic.) We’ll know everything in the future? It’s the same lie of Genesis 3…repackaged for the 21st century.

Speaking of Satan…

From the commenter Geeljire on CDAN….”NBC’s logo is Melek Taus, ‘The Peacock Angel’
Oh, who does that sound like?”

Yes…but who is the Melek Taus, really? Like so many other figures in world religions and myths, it has other identities. (Think of the multi-faceted cherubim in the Bible.) So…who could it be?

More on the Alex Jones/InfoWars Media Censorship Assault

Whether or not AJ is “controlled opposition”, just an actor, or totally believable…the outcome is what I see as most important. If you’d only read the mainstream media regarding Alex Jones, all you would “know” is that he’s a conspiracy theorist who spouts doublebad crimethought hatespeech. And you’d be missing the whole point of this massive, coordinated media operation against him.
Immigration Patriotism, Not Conspiracy Theories, Triggered Tech Totalitarians’ Purge Of INFOWARS’ Alex Jones

TLDR? This will do as a main point summary: “Alex Jones’ banning is clearly the precursor to the push to ban more and more Politically Incorrect patriot sites from social media…” Yep. That IS what it’s all about. “Social media must be sanitized.” Certain groups of people hate hate hate free speech.


Quote: “So we’re now trusting the capitalist class, massive, unaccountable corporations, to decide on our behalf what we may listen to and talk about?” No, people never made a decision to trust corporations to decide what is and is not acceptable. But as long as we’re collectively addicted to (anti)-social media, there’s not much we can do about it – is there? “This is censorship….Powerful people have deprived an individual and his network of a key space in which they might propagate their beliefs. Aka censorship.”

From Heartiste: “broke: the internet will mean the free flow of ideas!
woke: the internet has unleashed hate, it must be censored
bespoke: the internet will mean the free flow of pre-approved ideas!” Heh.

It’s moved BEYOND Alex Jones already, in fact. From ZeroHedge, “Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously ignorant.”

But I want to leave you with this quote from the Woodpile Report: “Those who only have a blog platform or social media get little sympathy from me when they complain about their masters treating them badly. Many went for the free ride because they’re too lazy to make and maintain their own website. Then they complain about being censored, shadow banned and so forth. Boo hoo. Didn’t they hear, there’s a war on. What did they think was going to happen?” Indeed.

And the latest victim is Fellowship of the Minds. Poof. Gone. Banned. You’re not allowed to have wrong opinions. Get it?

Satanist Burns Down Church

So a follower of satan burned down a Christian church. Not sure why the word “Satanist” is in quotes throughout the article unless the writer doubts whether or not the kid was really and truly a genuine Satanist. The pyromaniacal “yout” seems to be what he says he is. He wasn’t all talk, and lived out his beliefs in his god – maybe to a greater degree than many followers of Christ! If the kid isn’t a “true” satanist, he’ll do until one gets here.

Why do people refuse to believe threats or explanations of what motivates certain groups, when they plainly tell us what they will do – over and over again? It reminds me of a (relevant) cartoon:

Just TELL Us What You REALLY Want

UFOs (and Alien Abductions) In the News

An abductee just came out with a book, chronicling his abduction from decades ago. I know, I know…he’s just some hick from Mississippi. (Is that really all it takes to dismiss someone?) Think a bit about this. Why has this man not allowed the story to fade into the past? Could something inexplicable have really happened to him on that night long ago? Was his life actually altered for the worst?

I don’t think it was aliens (if you’ve read my past articles, you know I don’t believe in aliens). But I do believe something out of the ordinary happened to the man. As much as it’s mocked and somewhat discounted…”aliens” is actually an explanation that society accepts and wants to hear. (So…I wonder what the true explanation is?)

And this unbearable-to-watch video of a supposed UFO has gained traction. I’m not buying this one at all. I only mention it here because I document appearances of UFOs in mainstream news.

Widespread Child Abuse? Worldwide Pedo Network?

If you’ve paid attention to news over the past few months, you’ve seen the allegations of widespread pedo and child sex trafficking networks. If you believe the MSM, you think all of these allegations are conspiracy theories that just can’t be true. If you’ve actually read the articles and did a bit of research, you conclude that some of this could be true.

Either way, read this: 301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Pa. Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report: ‘They Were Raping Little Boys & Girls’

Did you read it all? Still don’t believe it could happen? It’s not pleasant, but it’s now well documented – and undeniable.

I’ll just lay it out for you: This stuff is happening, it’s widespread (in all major institutions of society), and it’s been going on for a looooong time. Believe it, because now it’s coming out in the open.