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Deep-State Child Trafficking – Is Such a Thing Even Possible?

If you keep up with the Q drops or recent allegations about #PizzaGate, the Podestas, the Clintons, or Hollywood – you know there are some heavy, heavy things being alleged. One of the most unbelievable accusations is that there’s some sort of world-wide nefarious child trafficking network.

And that’s impossibly crazy!! It’s not even worth considering! (Or is it? I suggest you read to the end of this article. You might be very surprised.)

Bill Maher mocked these ideas in his recent “I, Q” monologue where he made fun of Q believers and Trump supporters, saying “Almost half of Trump voters already believe Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring – out of a pizza parlor.”
According to Maher, Obviously It Can't Be True - Trump Voters Are Just Dumb

According to Maher, the very idea of such a thing happening is ludicrous and shouldn’t even be considered. His message is that Trump voters are stupid conspiracy theorists who will believe anything.

If you listen to Bill Maher and others like him, you’d conclude there’s nothing see here – without even trying to investigate. (I’m not the only one who thinks that’s intellectually lazy and irresponsible, right?)

Granted, I think the accusations sound a bit far-fetched and crazy, too. The conspiracy theories revolving around the elite crowd (i.e. Clintons, Hollywood directors and actors, government agents, billionaires) involves one or more of the following elements:

  • Kidnapping of children
  • Pedophilia
  • Secret underage sex parties arranged for the elites
  • Child sacrifice (!)
  • Belief in Satanism/witchcraft/luciferianism/etc
  • Sex dungeons
  • Sex slavery

Crazy stuff. Who would think that a famous politician would ever be involved in anything like that? Why would any well-known entertainer or Hollywood executive take such risks? How could savvy business figures be so depraved? Why on earth would representatives of prominent families do such things?

Aren’t these all really good people? Don’t they all tell the truth all the time? Because of their position and standing in this world, doesn’t that prove that they’re morally upright??

I jest. (I realize sarcasm doesn’t always come across well via the written word.) My point is not only that it’s possible for anyone to be evil, but I also want to say these things have provably happened before.

There has been at least one well-documented child trafficking ring that was run by a prominent member of society and aided by powerful politicians. It wasn’t in some third-world country, either: it happened in the United States and was deeply connected to some very famous names in Hollywood.

Here’s a challenge: Guess who was involved.

Did you think of the Smallville actress Allison Mack, who recruited young women into a “sex sorority” where they were branded? That would be a good guess, since it also involves a prominent family – Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman was charged with sex trafficking for this elite sex cult. And it would also be a good guess because the cult leader stands accused of raping 12-year-old girls – so it involved the pedophilia angle as well. The “elite” angle is pretty good here; after all, Mack was released on a $5 million bail and Bronfman posted a $100 million bail! And all of this happened in the U.S.A. (and the court cases are still current). But that’s not the case I’m referring to. (Also, even though it was a cult, there’s no satanism being reported – the one being worshiped seems to be the leader, Keith Raneire.)

Jimmy Savile with Margaret Thatcher at Event to Help the ChildrenMaybe you guessed Jimmy Saville? That would seem like a good guess. Before his death in 2011, Savile was an extremely well-known celebrity – a star who had been in the spotlight for decades. He had been known as a comedian, TV host, and was renowned for his charitable work in hospitals. But now we know he abused hundreds of children (boys and girls) over his decades-long career – and that’s just the stuff that has been proven and reported. And he had government connections: some accounts say he was a supplier for government officials who had a taste for child sex, but at the very least the officials covered up and squelched investigations into Jimmy over the years. There’s a media connection, since they shielded Jimmy’s habits from the public and he was a media big-wig. (As a “bonus”, Jimmy certainly was into some extra-sick stuff, if the necrophilia account is to be believed. And it’s hard to discount the accounts of Jimmy’s satanism in all of this.) Jimmy would have been a good guess…but his crimes happened in another country. The case I’m thinking of happened in the USA, and Sir Jimmy Savile was in England.

If you’re thinking of all the Catholic priest molestation accusations (and multi-million dollar hush payouts) over the years…wrong guess. And those don’t involve government or celebrities.

No, I’m talking about the real case of a kidnapping network that sold hundreds of children to rich people and celebrities in America. (Well, most of the kids got sold; a few of the kids died while being held captive by the kidnapper’s network of workers.) Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it – the decades-long child-trafficking career of Georgia Tann (officially done under the auspices of the “Tennessee Children’s Home Society”) happened back in first half of last century. The movie stars were people like Joan Crawford and Lana Turner. The politicians were people like the Governor of New York and democrat political boss E.H. Crump.

Over the years, these things tend to be forgotten or covered-up or memory-holed. It might not seem like a big deal to you now, but imagine how big this really was at the time! But the lesson of the case of Georgia Tann (and the other cases I mentioned above) is this: don’t dismiss and disbelieve something just because it sounds weird, outrageous, or unlikely.

Georgia Tann really did run a powerful child-trafficking ring, out in the open. Apparently she was good at it, had a steady stream of customers, and had support from powerful people in government. The only thing that stopped her was cancer and then death in 1950.

“Babies were snatched off the streets by strangers in passing cars. Or taken from day-care centers or church basements where they played. Or stolen from hospitals, right after birth, passed from doctor to nurse to a uniformed ‘social worker’ – before vanishing in an instant.” [You mean…they lied and tricked people?? Sure they did.]

“Some were dropped into dismal orphanages; others were sent to a new family, their identities wiped, no questions asked. Most would never see their birth parents again.” [Why? Same reason as always: it was all about the benjamins, yo.]

“While it sounds like something out of Dickens or the Brothers Grimm, this happened in the United States in the 20th century. Thousands of times.[No, she didn’t just do it once, by accident. She committed crimes for decades.]

She was the mastermind behind a black market for white babies.It was the dark handiwork of the Memphis branch of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, a supposedly charitable organization, led by a woman named Georgia Tann.”

Georgia Tann – looks can be deceiving

“If you’d invented that story, it would seem so far-fetched that you would think, ‘That could never happen. Not in this country,'” Wingate says. “And yet, it did, and it did for a long time.” Could things like this still be happening?

I don’t know what is really happening out there. But what I do know is not to listen to Bill Maher – or anyone else who thoughtlessly scoffs at things and tells me to ignore them. Use your brain, and learn from the past. Things aren’t much different today.

No, I don’t know with provable certainty if there is definitely a deep-state child sex ring operating somewhere among the world’s elites. But I can tell you one thing: it’s certainly possible.

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  1. There was the recent and former speaker of the house of representatives, Dennis Hastert? The Penn State abuse scandal that was deeper than the msm reported?

    1. Good examples! And yes, Penn State was a biggie. (And what’s worse…fans were STILL defending that guy because he was a “legendary” coach.)

  2. Also the Franklin scandal of the 80s? Mark Dutroux in Belgium. The Finders. The various scandals involving Michael Aquino. The Dutroux case was the most blatant coverup imo but they all had credible witnesses and suspicious actions by “the authorities.”

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