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Round Up (Aug. 13): Transhumanism – Satanism – Space Force – InfoWars Ban – Q – Human Sacrifice – AI Anti-Christ

Eternal Life – WITHOUT God (Update)

Attaining eternal life – but kicking God out of the equation – is one of the main goals of the satanic techno-philosophy known as transhumanism. Eternal life apart from the Creator God is their goal. The latest development in this field is brain freezing. Super-rich having brains FROZEN…to get SECOND LIFE

Do you believe this will work out as they have planned? They believe it will:
“One businessman convinced that he will wake up in the future after his brain has been placed inside another body spoke exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday.” Um, no. Ain’t gonna happen.

“The company states…that it expects future surgeons to be able to grow a new body around a repaired brain.” That’s what they say. And people who believe it are paying a lot of money for this false hope. But the truth, if they wanted it, could be easily found in any dollar-store Bible.

Acceptance and Normalization of Satanism in America

It’s actually always been accepted and “normal”…to a select underground in the World. It’s just not normal to most people. But they’re moving to change that: Normalizing Satanism in America: Demon statue in Arkansas state capitol; satanic highway cleanup in Indiana

Space Force Is Really Happening

And yes, it will be under the aegis of the U.S. Space Command…or SPACECOM. I have the distinct feeling that SPACECOM has always been a little bit further along than they’re letting on (now).

InfoWars Free Speech Ban (Update)

Don’t think of it as the “InfoWars” ban – call it a “free speech ban”. Because the snuffing out of free speech on Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Spotify (FAGS) and other platforms (here’s a list!) is NOT going to stop with InfoWars. It’s intended to be an attack on anyone who expresses IDEAS. It will affect anyone who voices “politically incorrect” opinions.

First they came for the wacky conspiracy theorists…The War to Destroy Alex Jones

…but I said nothing, because I was not a conspiracy theorist. (So where does it end? It ends with whoever has the right to define “hate” speech.)

Lots of interesting tidbits in this article.

Not sure what all this means? Dr. Steve Turley explains what’s up here:

His foreseen end result? Liberalism will be forced to deny its own liberalism.

More on “Q”

I wrote about Q here. What if it is all true? One of the best synopses I’ve seen: What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?. Check it out, inform yourself of the facts, and then decide. You can either believe what’s been laid out, or you can believe Bill Mahr’s simplistic gloss-over hit piece. [Look at this whole article for lots on Mahr – including his connection to James Gunn. Yep.]

Finally, read this (apparently) “Q-endorsed” article about Q.

UFO Researcher…Targeted?

British UFO hunter’s laptop was ‘wiped’ after mysterious death. Was this just a normal, everyday, sudden death of an otherwise healthy 39-year old? Or was something else going on? If his laptop was really wiped, why and by whom? I don’t know, but I found it to be interesting.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Human Sacrifice…But Were Afraid to Ask!

You think human sacrifice has no relevance in 2018? Think again. The (great) movie Apocalypto just happened to show how it used to be. Things have changed, certainly, but only in optics and methods. Read it all.

Religion of Peace Update

I’m wondering why this mind-blowing find in New Mexico isn’t dominating the news cycle constantly: Extremist Muslim appears with his family to plead not guilty to child abuse and training 11 children to carry out school shootings at their desert compound [I’m not, actually.]

AI Antichrist and End Times Events

The hybrids are coming…and they will think for us. When neuroscience meets AI, we get “HI” or hybrid intelligence.

You can see what the coming AI “god” will look like in this video.

And the coming AI anti-Christ or AI beast just keeps on improving it’s capabilities. Fake omniscience is being worked on still. But one day, the AI god will know where everyone is, at all times. Just like the real God, but accomplished via the wonders of technology. Do you get it? He who has eyes to see and ears to hear…does.


The Decline of California

What Happens When Democrats Run Your State? Watch, and consider:

A beautiful state ruined by big government. There’s no denying that. (But it’s sad.)