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Round Up (July 17): Secret Space Program – Elites Bug-Out Plans

Secret Space Program Revealed

Can you believe the time we’re living in? Sci-fi is becoming real. See: Trump’s Space Force Will Guard the U.S. From Above, NASA Chief Says

In my recent book Alien Outpost, there is a US “space force” called the US Space Command (SPACECOM). The fictional space force was a “secret space program”, not unlike what we really do have and have had for decades, according to Dave Hodges. His 5 minute YouTube clip at the end of the article fills in a few blanks and is worth a listen.

The Elites’ Bug Out Plans

What do the ultra-rich plan to do if SHTF? They plan on escaping to their underground doomsday bunkers, and failing that, to space colonies.
Article: >Survival of the richest: The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind

It’s a sad, desperate, doomed-to-fail plan. I don’t care how many billions of dollars someone has; I keep thinking of Rev 6:15.

But even from a “secular” point of view, the elites’ plans have some holes:
Response: Survival Of The Richest? Not So Much…

Human Lifespan Is Unlimited?

The questions has been asked, “is there a limit to how long humans can live? According to a new study…the answer to that question is no.” The LiveScience article Have Humans Reached Their Limit on Life Span? These Researchers Say No. discusses potentially unlimited lifespan…based on statistical likelihood of dying supposedly not increasing after a certain age. (Big deal.) Click-bait headline not withstanding, it shows that science still struggles with basic questions that could easily be answered if “scientism” wasn’t so opposed to God’s wisdom. Instead of trying to gain immortality apart from God, all we need to do is read Genesis 3. The explanation of human mortality is right there.

Do Aliens Exist?

I remember not so long ago when even asking this question was met with derisive giggles. Now, more and more mainstream news outlets are presenting mostly-straightforward reporting on the subject of aliens and UFOs. I’ve highlighted many such news articles in recent Roundups – this is just one of the latest – an opinion piece in Newsweek: Do Aliens Exist? This Is Why We Should Take the Question Seriously

Can You Hear Me Now? Yes…Everything

The Antichrist Beast system will hear everything, everywhere. This “god-like” ability is just part of total information awareness. And it’s (of course!) for our own good.

All Ears: Always-On Listening Devices Could Soon Be Everywhere
For a student of Bible prophecy, the potential connections to an antichrist figure are obvious. But by what justification would non-thinking people subject themselves to constant monitoring? Why, the usual reason of course: convenience. “Tiny microphones are moving us toward a world where all gadgets can respond to a voice command”.

Socialism…They STILL Haven’t Done It Right?

Defenders of socialism always retreat to one of two excuses when the failures of socialism are pointed out: either it hasn’t been done correctly, or it wasn’t “true” socialism. But I imagine, when you’re trying to find your next meal in Venezuela, you don’t care to discuss the finer points of socialist doctrine.

This is some interesting reading: A Venezuelan Prepper Looks Back: “Things I Would Have Done Differently If I Knew What Was Coming”

Outstanding quote? Too many to pick from. But I’ll go with, “It was all great until the apocalypse started.”

What’s Coming In 2025??

I’m not sure what they know that I don’t know, but deagel.com apparently foresees some terrible things coming by 2025.

“And while anybody suggesting a mass culling in America by 2025 would likely be told to put on their tinfoil hats by the mainstream media and the establishment, the hundreds of millions of people who’ve already had their lives taken by the ravages of socialism likely didn’t have a clue about what was about to hit them, either. ”

Interesting, because I set the events of Alien Outpost to take place in 2022. (But I hope neither my book of fiction or Deagle’s predictions come to pass!)