What Is the Connection Between Aliens and Human Sacrifice?

What’s the connection between aliens and cultures that practiced human sacrifice – and why do “aliens” seem to love human sacrifice? That’s right – I want to know why aliens have such a love for the sacrificial death of humans. The answer is (more-or-less) given in the short video below, if you have some basic spiritual understanding.

The video contains part of former New-Ager Steven Bancarz’ amazing testimony. He speaks about the connection between “aliens” and human sacrifice at around the 17-minute mark.

If you want to ponder the whole concept of aliens, I suggest you watch/listen to what Steve says. And then try to find out the following…:

  • Which cultures have myths and stories about visits from “gods” (what we might call “aliens”)?
  • In those cultures, what was some of their most sacred and popular symbology?
  • In those cultures, what religious or ceremonial practices did the perform – and who told them to do those practices?
  • Were those cultures advanced and civilized, or barbaric and violent? (i.e. would you want to have lived in the heart of the Aztec empire? If not, why not?)
  • When, if ever, did enlightenment arrive in those cultures? How and when did it arrive?
  • Were any of those cultures based on love and forgiveness?

If you think and compare what is happening today and what happened then, you will see some significant details that are unlikely to be coincidental. Many puzzle pieces fit together perfectly, and it all supports my own hypothesis of what “aliens” really are. (Yes, I believe things exist that many people refer to as “aliens”…but I don’t think they’re creatures as depicted in E.T. or other films!)

You can see Ryan Ries’ full interview with Steve Bancarz here: