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Round Up (June 8) – DUMBs, Psycho AI, UFOs, Hybrid Humans, Third Temple

Government DUMBs: Deep Underground Military Bases
If you’ve ever thought of this as a “conspiracy theory”, you should re-evaluate the idea of underground bases. Maybe in the past they were the stuff of fantasy, but in 2018 the government (or other organization) having an underground facility is not so far-fetched. Besides the previous link, keep in mind that Elon Musk owns a very real company called The Boring Company – and it’s anything but “boring”! Besides making some of the best personal flamethrowers around, the company also is a pioneer in underground tunnel-boring.

(Why do I mention DUMBs here – on a blog that deals with prophecy and UFOs? DUMBs are connected with classified government projects (as are UFOs).)

This is our problem:

Psycho AI
Raise an AI on a steady diet of Reddit, and what do you get? You get a psychopath AI, fascinated with human death. This demonstrates that an AI is created, and is made in the image of it’s creator – or made in the image it’s creator wishes it to have. In the event that the world ever is ruled by AI, it causes one to wonder: who programmed the AI, for what agenda, and with what influences?

AI Robots That Sound Human
Would you have any idea you were speaking with a computer?
“Google…broke a new barrier in artificial intelligence technology…unveiled a voice assistant that sounds exactly like a human voice….Google Duplex, which allows the Assistant to speak with human-like cadence and includes artificial intelligence that is able to comprehend context and unclear answers.” Google “…demonstrated Duplex’s ability by having Assistant make reservations with a restaurant and a hair salon in two recorded phone calls. The receivers of the calls seemed to have no idea they were speaking to an AI voice.”

I wonder what other uses this might have?

You can hear it at this link if you play the short video. I have to say, it’s pretty amazing what humans can invent. This AI even has typical modern soyboy voice inflections!

Sign of the (End) Times: Look to the Mountains
The world’s wealthy “elite” are hiding their (digital) gold in mountains. Reminds me of a couple of Bible verses – Isaiah 2:19 and Revelation 6:16, both of which deal with the “end times”.

The Official Search for Extraterrestrials – Using AI
Isn’t the resurgence of UFOs and the increasing prevalence of AI an interesting thing? The connection is not coincidental or inconsequential. One day, “they” hope to have an AI “discover” “aliens”. (Quotation marks intentional.) See here and here.

I like The Daily Crow’s one-line comment on this: “UFO hunt: US Congress proposes $10million fund to find aliens with Artificial Intelligence. Use the ghosts in the machine to find the demons masquerading as extraterrestrials. Professing to be wise they became fools.”

MORE Official UFO Sightings
Since I’ve begun writing about the “official” sightings appearing in the world’s major news media, it hasn’t slowed down at all. Here’s another article.

Mainstream News Pushing UFOs As Mainstream News Now
In fact, the media is commenting on their own “mainstreaming” of UFO news in the last couple of years. It’s no longer the stuff of kooks – the news guy says it’s OK to believe now! (And we all know we can trust the news.)

UFO Tech: Is It Man-made, “Alien”…or Both?
Imagine if some of these weird things could have some elements of truth to them. It’s good to be suspicious, but foolish to be closed-minded. So where does the truth lie? Take this for what it’s worth: 2nd Director Of Lockheed Skunkwork’s Shocking Comments About UFO Technology

Robots Can Grow Human Organs
In case you thought it was totally preposterous to think that a robot could have a human baby (as predicted by Dr. David Levy), a breakthrough has occurred that points us in precisely that direction: Robots Can Now Grow Human Organs
(And you thought my article on The Coming Kingdom of the Replacements sounded crazy. Well, it does sound crazy. It IS crazy. But apparently the “hybrid kids” I wrote about are also possible.)

Third Temple Predictive Photo
There WILL be a Third Temple in Jerusalem. It’s been written. And the Bible has never been wrong. But it’s also been visually predicted – this time in an artificial photo showing what it could look like. The significant part of this is it was given in a semi-official capacity as a gift, and that the idea is obviously on the minds of Israelis.

Sex and the City Regrets
A bit off-topic for this site, but an interesting sign of our times. More proof that feminism is a destructive, malevolent lie that ruins the lives of women. (To put it mildly.) Article here.

One quote from the article gives the gist of it: “The fact that the women of Sex and the City ultimately want to settle down is not the unrealistic lie the show sold these women. The lie is that they can settle down after spending their 20s and 30s sleeping around.”

Yes – because what man would want to marry someone who’s been used up during the best years of their life? (No one in their right mind, if they have any options at all.) This is why I’ve been saying for a few years now that, to some degree, I’ve seen that traditionalism is making a comeback. People (at least, some people) can see through the lies of “progressivism” (which is really regressivism) and its associated behaviors.