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The First Church?

In what kind of place did the first church meet? Where was the location? What did the building look like? You may have never given this any thought. But the answer might interest you.

Here is a footage of the exterior (and the inside) of one of the early church’s first meeting places. It is called “the first church” by the local people. As you will see, it was very much a Jewish meeting place, complete with a mikvah. Understand: the earliest believers were Jews who saw the prophesies, symbols, rituals of their religion (finally) fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah.

If this was the actual “first church of Jerusalem”, then James the half-brother (see Matthew 27:56 and Mark 6:3) of Jesus (whose father was Joseph) was indeed the pastor (see Acts 15:13). Interesting!

As a sidenote, the mikvah has significance. A mikvah is defined as a bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion in Judaism. What does this tell us regarding baptism? It verifies that the early followers of “the way” did indeed immerse for baptism after belief in Messiah (read Acts 8 for an account of exactly what happened when a Jew heard of Messiah, believed, and was baptized).