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Evolution (Haeckel’s Drawings)

The very well-known drawings of Ernst Haeckel have aroused a great deal of controversy ever since they were first created. They have been both derided and defended. Those who discount his drawings say they are plainly incorrect, unfactual, and outright fraudulent. The defenders or apologists for Haeckel also have said his drawings were more-or-less correct – and legitimate as teaching aids – in that they were meant to be faithful representations of embryonic development. (Even though they are not accurate depictions, and do not represent a valid study of embryology.)

Whatever you wish to accept, I have here some resources that attempt to debunk a belief in evolution based on Haeckel’s Drawings. Make of them what you will.

Haeckel’s Drawings – Links


Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution Is Wrong

Haeckel’s Embryo Fraud – ICONS of EVOLUTION (#4)

Haeckel’s Embryos: Fraud Rediscovered by Elizabeth Pennisi (Science, Vol. 277, 09/05/1997

Fraudulent Evolution Drawings

Creation Seminar 4 – Haeckel’s drawings