Why Liberals Are Losing on Abortion

This is a post from Voat, quoted in it’s entirety:

Liberals lost the war on abortion the second they passed the abortion laws allowing them up to the moment of birth because they invalidated the only argument they had that was halfway reasonable…

The biggest and most logical argument they had was “viability.” That is to say the point at which the fetus could be removed and not die despite artificial means to attempt to keep them alive.

By throwing the viability argument out the window, they showed that the viability argument was never a point they cared about. They just wanted to be able to kill babies.

Georgia and now Alabama have passed extremely strict laws outlawing abortions. This is “revenge legislation” that is finally calling out the lie of viability for what it is.

And we’re going to see more of this.

They lost, they just don’t know it yet. The viability argument was the compromise that they made when dealing with anti-abortion people and now that that has been removed, people are once again being disgusted by abortion. And rightfully so. Infanticide is an emotionally easy way to commit genocide… just give them a reason to want to kill their children and they’ll do it gladly.

Round Up (May 13): DIY Immortality – Drag Queen Story Hour – Heartiste Shut Down – Jack Ma Wants More Chinese Babies

Living Forever – Without God

As I’ve documented previously on this blog, mankind seems to be making some headway in the goal of living forever – while leaving man’s Creator out of the picture. Humans ‘BIOHACKING’ their own bodies with blood transfusions to achieve ‘DIY IMMORTALITY’

Why Does “Drag Queen Story Hour” Exist?
Is it because all of these sodomite homos want to convert children while they’re young, trusting, and impressionable?
This “present evil world” can’t imagine why anyone would object to perverts reading stories to little ones. Drag queen story hour in communities nationwide, but some see controversy

This is your child’s future babysitter in Weimerica.

We’re supposed to invite our destroyers into our lives, hand our children to them, and enjoy it. According to them, if you don’t like it, you’re a bigot.

I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I’m sure of one thing: there is a God, they’re infuriating Him, and He will judge them for what they’ve done and what they’re doing.

Censorship Steamroller Is Chugging Along

Heartiste has been shut down by WordPress. Why? Because they owners of the technology companies don’t want their users sharing opinions they find disagreeable.


He was one of the smartest, most insightful, and prescient writers online. Period. If you didn’t get to read him, you missed out (but you can still find some of his posts archived in a few spots).

The point is, the tech censorship is out of control and will continue to destroy people’s online presence and livelihoods. But the solution is not to just be quiet and keep your head low. These people are against free thought and free speech. They are your enemies. They want to destroy people’s lives because of what those people think.

So what to do? Speak your opinions, write your opinions, and don’t back down. At the same time…I think we all need to stop using Google, stop using Facebook, stop using Twitter, and stop using WordPress. The next step is to find, create, and utilize online and tech resources that are not subject to the tyrant-rule of Silicon Valley.

I (at this moment) am using self-hosted WP for this site – but that soon will change as well.

Procreation is Pro-Creation

Jack Ma, the Alibaba dude, told his newlywed employees to go make some babies. He wants his people (meaning his race and his country) to grow and become strong. For that, he was criticized. The world wants you to destroy (i.e. kill) your babies, not make more of them.

I’m with Jack Ma – we Americans need to 1) get married, and 2) have kids. And 3) teach those kids to love, follow, and serve the God of the Bible.

Focus on Others

Christ as He hung on the cross was able to continue to focus on others. While most men would have been thinking about themselves in self-pity Jesus was still thinking of others.

He said to his mother, “Woman, behold your son.” And to John, “Behold your mother.” To paraphrase, Take care of my mother.

Later he said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” (See the Gospel of John) Jesus even brought someone to the Lord while he hung on the cross. He was evangelizing.

…many Christians look for the ideal situation to lead people to the Lord, yet Christ did it under the worst of conditions.”

– Fritz Springmeier

Round Up (3/26/19): What Is Globalism? – AI Politicians – Satanic Products – Christchurch Manifesto –

What Is Globalism?

Globalism is the desire for/belief in a New World Order. Specifically, a One World Order.

The overall goal of globalism is to unravel God’s institution of separate nations, languages, and people groups. Globalism seeks to do this by various means, including purposefully moving populations of people from their native land to other foreign lands and by doing away with the borders of countries.

Globalism desires to once again achieve it’s ideal of the Tower of Babel.

The AI Gods Are Coming…But First, the AI Politicians

Sick Of Human Politicians? A Quarter Of Europeans Prefer AI Government

AI Court Judges

Occult Objects in Wal-Mart

An Exorcist Comments on Walmart’s Satanic Products. “People sometimes hear satanic voices in their head saying things like: ‘We aren’t leaving you… you belong to us… you’ll never get rid of us,” he said.

Good Comment on Christchurch Shooter’s Manifesto

This is not my comment, but a commenter on SurvivalBlog: “Speaking of Christchurch, I managed to snag a copy of that foul scumbag’s “manifesto”. It’s an interesting read. He’s wrong on so many fronts, but he’s just enough right to be really dangerous. In some ways it reads like a very truncated version of Mein Kampf. Crazy, but just enough right to be dangerous. Of course the leftest government in New Zealand is doing exactly what he predicted they would. If our government follows suit, then I would think his prediction for America will play itself out as well.

He describes himself as an ecofascist, praises the government of China, comes from both the far right and the far left at the same time. He’s racist for the sake of the environment, killing to save the planet. Like I said, crazy.

If you are interested, it can be found here.

By the way, he only mentions Trump once, both positive and negative in the same sentence.”

Round Up (3/22/19): Advice – Christian Immigrant Denied

A short one today.

Good Advice

Christian Immigrant Denied Entry to UK

UK Denies Asylum To Christian Convert From Iran Because “Christianity Is Not Peaceful”. Because of how Christians are part of such a violent religion.

Meanwhile, Astonishing bias: 452 Islamic terror attacks in 31 countries just THIS YEAR (so far) and zero coverage from the media

“Remember two things: i. that everything has always been the same, and keeps recurring, and it makes no difference whether you see the same things recur in a hundred years or two hundred, or in an infinite period; ii. that the longest-lived and those who will die soonest lose the same thing. The present is all that they can give up, since that is all you have, and what you do not have you cannot lose.”
– Marcus Aurelius

Round Up (3/21): Airships – New Zealand Call to Prayer – Mind-Reading AI God – Pedophile Priests

At my top-secret bunker somewhere in the south, it’s time to start planting. Spring is here, and summer is coming. It’s looking good…

Reprinted from the great Anonymous Conservative blog: An interesting story about an old man’s notebooks being thrown out, and ending up in a curio shop. In them, he seems to have kept records for a secret society devoted to developing “airships” after the Civil War (but long before we were told flight was developed), at the behest of a larger Secret Society, which may have run many such subsidiary secret societies, all advancing the main secret society’s knowledgebase and suite of technology. The books contain plans, and some names which correlate with local stories at the time about mysterious flying airships. No idea of the veracity of the site, but interesting to picture Cabal organizing secret clubs to develop new tech for it centuries back. Given American ingenuity, we could have been a hotspot for that type of thing. And it could mean Cabal is a generation or two ahead of the regular US.

It’s a New Day in New Zealand

Just read the following headlines, and you will know what’s “new” in NZ:
New Zealand to broadcast call to prayer in solidarity with Muslims
NZ Prime Minister orders national broadcast of Muslim call to prayer this Friday
New Zealand to broadcast Muslim call for prayer on national TV, radio on Friday
A week after Christchurch attacks, NZ to broadcast Muslim call to prayer nationally

And in case the residents of NZ don’t know (they will find out)…
Christchurch terror attack: What is the Islamic call to prayer?

I wonder if New Zealand has ever nationally broadcast any other type of prayer or religious teaching. Hmm.

And (even though not directly NZ-related) I couldn’t help but re-post this meme, because it’s related to yesterday’s post:

[Source: Heartiste]

Are Things Worse Than 20 Years Ago?

Yes. Yes, they are. “What one generation does in moderation, the next generation does in excess.”

Read Woodpile Report

That is all. I highly recommend the Woodpile Report and I look forward to reading it each week.

The AI God Will Be a Mind-Reader

Remember, I’ve been stating that the false Christ will imitate God via technological means – but it’ll seem like magic (credit goes to Arthur C. Clarke). Mind-reading is a reality. The results were unsettling. Scientists were able to predict which pattern people would choose before their thoughts even became conscious.”

The Threat of Pedophilia

The news presents to us a real-life horror movie called “Attack of the Pedo Priests”, and it has spawned hundreds of sequels in just the last few years. I have just a few things to say about pedophilia:

  • It is widespread. Epidemic. Not rare. It is everywhere, in every level of society and in every institution. We don’t have enough millstones.
  • It is satanic. Through and through. Not a mental-illness, not a sexual orientation, not a sickness, not a “condition”…but a purely evil manifestation of satanism. Whether you believe me or not, that’s the way I see it and it works for me.
  • It’s on the rise and must be rooted out and fought against and it came into society via other perversions. What we are seeing is in itself evil, but it ALSO is a symptom of other evils. I guarantee that the “transgender” movement along with all the other perversions are related to the uptick in pedos. What happened was: “gay” rights which led to full-spectrum homo acceptance (meaning gays are now everywhere all the time, 24/7 on your TV and in your kids’ Scouts and being taught in your child’s school) which led to trendy transgenderism, which led to pedophilia coming into the mainstream. They are all allies, and will basically admit it if you read what they’ve written and simply believe it.

And by the way, the Catholic church is said to be totally infested with homosexuals. (Apparently, there was a homo subculture among priests back in 1049 as well.) And from what I see in the news most pedo priests seem to be gay. But whatever.

Here are just a few articles about such priests. I couldn’t make up these headlines if I wanted to:
Pope defrocks pedophile priest who claimed abuse was old Jewish ritual. The writer of the article felt the need to say, “There is no such ritual in the Old Testament or in Judaism.” (I knew that.)

High-End Fashion Designer: I Was Warned About Homosexual/Pedophile/Satanic Infiltration of Catholic Church in the Early 80’s. Again – it’s been a problem for a while.

Round Up (3/20): Word Power – Evil Hollywood – NZ – Rabbit Symbolism – Raising Non-Feminized Sons – Massacres of Christians

What Event Has Killed More Than 61,144,625 People Since 1973 and Is Still Happening To This Day?


Watch Your Words

5 Words Conservatives Should Never Use, Starting With Conservative. Remember, “words are weapons“. Why else would the elimination of free speech be such a high priority of the media and the “left”? (But I repeat myself.)

Hollywood, Summed Up

From Henry Makow: “In general, Hollywood was hydrochloric acid to Christian civilization. It corroded every form of social coherence: marriage and the nuclear family, racial homogeneity, and religion. It promoted homosexuality. Now all that is left to destroy is human dignity and self respect.

Why are there so few movies that uplift and inform, that make us feel good about being human? Why do the vast majority focus on
human sickness and depravity in one form or another? (There are some exceptions.) Hollywood is run by the Illuminati, a Cabalist satanic cult. Its goal is overturn the natural and spiritual order so it can replace God on top.

Mankind is under occult attack. Art and entertainment have become a psy-op.”

In what way is he incorrect in his statements?

NZ Massacre Occult Symbolism Update

I’m undecided/unclear about any symbolism present in the recent NZ mosque massacre. From a comment on <"https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/new-zealand-mosque-shootings-the-john-podesta-connection">an article about the New Zealand-Podesta connection: “The article picks out only two things to look at and completely ignores the rest.”

From a comment on Voat: “So to break it down: ’14’ is in reference to the 14 words (We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children). The other symbol, the Odal rune. Placed onto flags because of the meaning: ‘inherited possession’ or ‘land, landed property’ (like ‘Blood and Soil’. Probably meaning to him that NZ should belong to the the kiwi’s and not the invaders.”

So if there is an occult connection, or if its simply “white power” symbolism – or both – I’m not sure. But it’s interesting.

Also of interest is that this article apparently got Zero Hedge blocked in NZ. What I heard anyway.

And Henry Makow posted some interesting articles about NZ: Banned Mosque Massacre Video Described and Brendon O’Connell – Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained.

I don’t claim to know “the truth” about the whole thing. But I do have some questions:

  • Why is it so critical to stop people from seeing the video? All major media (online and social) are banning possession of it and scrubbing it from the internet with the quickness. I don’t care to watch gore (personally), but when I see the NZ gov criminalizing viewing the video…it makes me wonder what’s so special about it that they don’t want me to see.
  • What’s the real, full, true background of the shooter? Who was he really? I have the sense that the story presented about him isn’t complete or totally true. I’m not sure I “buy” that he was a right-winger. Something’s “off” about his written document. It seems almost too perfect in how it hits all the major meme-points.
  • Why are world leaders and media heads doing EXACTLY what the shooter outlined he wanted them to do in his manifesto? He specifically stated he wanted the left to clamp down on everyone’s rights so that the right would react…and it seems like that’s the road we’re heading down. (FYI Australia and NZ both have initiated total censorship of certain websites. Ironically they are not blocking Facebook, however – which is the platform on which the shooter’s video was actually broadcast!) It seems to be going just as he planned.

Well, not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. This guy gets it:

My advice? Don’t get sucked in to the calls to divide yourself from others. Push for free, intelligent, reasoned speech. Don’t do bad things to people who don’t believe the same things you believe. (Avoid, disavow, and repudiate violence and retribution.) When people blindly react without thinking, they do stupid things.

Symbols Matter

I never did finish part 2 of my article about Symbolism but I’m working on it. It involves rabbit symbolism. And I recently saw this somewhat NSFW article about an exclusive “sex club”…which contains some rabbit symbolism. Symbolism is very important and is sometimes deeply significant.

For Conspiracy-Doubters

For those who don’t believe things because they sound weird…there have been some WEIRD things done by government, intelligence agencies, etc. Skepticism is OK in moderation. But don’t be blind to things that really happened/are happening just because they sound unbelievable.

Raising Non-Feminized Sons

It’s sad but essential that in the 21st century parents need to make a conscious effort to raise masculine, normal boys. Gary North talks about raising non-reminized sons and there’s a lot to say on that subject. If you were to just allow society to influence your children, who knows what could happen.

Massacres of Christians Continue to Go Unreported

Boko Haram Attacks Christian Village, Destroys Church – Media Silent..

Philippine Church Bombing Kills 20 – Media Didn’t Care About This Either…

THOUSANDS of Christians killed in Nigeria “GENOCIDE” by radical militants – Ignored by the media

Remember, the media hates you. That’s why you never hear about the killings of Christians.

Round Up (3/18/19): New Zealand Occult Ritual – Censor All the Things – Muslim Persecution of Christians Continues

Was the New Zealand Shooting an Occult Ritual?

The possibility exists that there’s WAY more to the Christchurch mosque massacre than we are told on the surface. One of my personal practices is to always take what I see in the media with a few grains of salt. (When you see a news report, don’t just accept it as the whole truth. Think about it.)

Rush Limbaugh raised the possibility of the shooting being a false flag, and he was mocked for it. What the mockers didn’t understand is that false flags are commonplace. (BTW: “false flag” doesn’t mean something didn’t happen; it means it’s not what it appears to be. Think in terms of political goals, and a country doing an act while secretly posing as if they were a totally different country.) Rush is right. He is trying to ask questions and get people to think.

I do not know what really happened, nor have I watched the now-banned video (and I don’t plan to!). I have read most of the shooter’s manifesto, and my take on it is the following:

  • The writer knew his memes quite well. He obviously read alt-right blogs and understood the language.
  • The writer uses some of the wording and language of the left, but presents mostly right-oriented ideas with a little leftism mixed in. I believe he claimed to be one thing, but probably was another (idiologically).
  • The writer tells us what he wants to happen in society as a result of his actions, and they seem to be slowly playing out. People today seem to pay no attention to what they are plainly told, and will even react predictably when they are told what they’re being manipulated to do!
  • The writer wrote some things in a way that could be interpreted a few ways. (His brief Trump statement, for example.) This allows anyone to take what they want from it.
  • There is no proof that he really travelled for tourism. We should be skeptical about the true purpose of his travels.
  • The writer claims to have secured a blessing from the Knights Templar. This is interesting, and I would like to know who supposedly gave it, and on what basis they can claim to be part of the Knights Templar (an ancient organization).
  • The writer wanted to demonize anyone who opposes globalism. My prediction is that his actions will result in a huge stomp-down of nationalism or tribalism. Yes, I am saying none of this was for the purposes presented: I think the “operation” was pro-globalist and the writer is actually pro-globalist.

But those are just my opinionated thoughts. I could be wrong. The guy could just have been a right-wing, white supremacist terrorist – just as we are all being told. But I know that things aren’t always what they seem, and there are some clever, evil people on this planet.

The other thing that I am aware of – and it’s not so unusual with large-scale, mass-consciousness events – is that there could be an occult connection. And right on schedule some other people made the same observation. Check out this article on Beginning and End about the New Zealand Satanic Connection. People can laugh at the idea of mass rituals and real-life high-level satanism if they want to…but I don’t laugh at things like that. I like to consider the possibilities.

The Satanic connection Beginning and End focuses on has to do with the music the shooter was listening to. And there’s definitely something there. But there’s more. One of the latest Q drops points out the symbolism present on the shooter’s weapon and its connection to John Podesta (pictured with the same symbols on his hands). Check out the graphic below:

The gist of it (from that image) is that the 14 + fish has something to do with gaining power and some kind of magic. I might research the symbolism further, because I don’t know the meaning. But I do acknowledge the occult connection. Will someone out there decode the symbolism for the rest of us?

And keep in mind, something can be an occult ritual while also playing other more earthly purposes. And the fruit of this event will be more censorship, more restrictions, and less freedoms for as many people as possible.

Censor All the Things!

Linked above, but I wanted to point out that mass censorship is increasing everywhere, in general, over everything. Not only can you not say certain things, you can’t know about something that happened. That’s what it amounts to: an event that occurred cannot be acknowledged, talked about, spread, or the historical record of it even possessed. Really, everyone needs to read the book 1984. That, and the Bible.

Questions You’re Not Allowed to Ask

More specifically, was it because of the comments she made…or because of questions she asked? Fox (and any other news network) does not want you to think about things. No actual critical thinking is allowed. You are only allowed to agree with what they tell you to believe. End of story.

Muslim Massacres of Christians Continue Unnoticed

Just as a pointed out in the last new round-up, Christians get killed all the time in large numbers. But you will have to look, on purpose, for any real reporting on it. The media is not your friend, but Breitbart talked about it so I give them some credit.

Round Up (3/16/19): New Zealand – Free Speech Evil? – Hugh Hefner CIA Asset? – Evil Hollywood Mind-Control Programming – Western Civilization & Multiculturalism

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.”
– Alvin Toffler

New Zealand, Terror, and Other Weird Things

Some muslims died this week in (of all places!) New Zealand. When I first saw the news, my immediate thought was: why on earth is there a mosque in a place called Christchurch? Weird, isn’t it? But my brain works strangely for some reason, so that’s what I thought.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that there’s something weird going on in the West. So I had an idea to look up “churches in Islamic nations” and “christian churches in Bangladesh”. I was hoping to find inspiring articles about churches in those welcoming tolerant countries. But I kept seeing articles describing Christian (native) people whose land was seized by armed men, death threats, terrorists who target Christians, Christians living in constant fear, and then I found this article that mentions Christians killed in Nigeria by machetes (well, the machetes probably didn’t do the killing – the Muslims holding the machetes did the killing, I’m guessing).

Before you tell me, I know I know I know: Islam is definitely the religion of peace. We all know that. We also know how weird it is that all the terrorist attacks keep happening in Europe, of all places. (Remember Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, the trucks running over people at Christmas markets, the rape gangs in England, the molestation of women at New Year’s in Germany, etc.) But that’s almost understandable, because like the mayor of London taught us: terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in any big city. And those Muslims doing all that terror were not real Muslims.

But then I kept doing more searches, trying to find maybe a church in a town called Islamburg or Mohammedville. But I couldn’t really find anything similar to having a mosque in Christchurch.

But you know what I did find? Christians in rural areas, villages, small towns, etc are getting slaughtered! Like, all the time. And not just one or two Christians – which probably would be understandable, right? Nope – we’re talking dozens at a time. Or like this one weird incident where it was over 100 Christians killed. So weird how I never heard about it until I searched and searched.

Ever notice how the world media doesn’t seem to make a big deal about the constant and never-ending killings of Christians all over the world? They don’t. You have to really search to find out how bad it is. You’d almost think they didn’t care about Christians. Weird!

Well, it can be so exhausting to find all that news. It’s much easier to tune in to the massive coverage of Christchurch and just…soak it all in without even thinking. Maybe there’s nothing really weird about any of it after all. I wonder what our politicians will do about the threat of whi… ah, nevermind.

Is Free Speech Evil?

To many people, free speech is a very bad thing. They believe free speech should be stopped. After all, it allows for the spread of ideas – some of which might be bad ideas. So their solution is to censor or ban certain people from saying certain things. Once all the words they don’t agree with are prevented from being said – the world will be a better place! (Well, that’s the basic premise.) Can you figure out the ways the banning of free speech doesn’t make sense? Can you figure out some of the ways censorship can go horribly wrong? Do you realize what censored societies are actually like?

Just because free speech allows people to say evil things…does is follow that “free speech” is itself evil? Is that logical?

Hugh Hefner was a CIA Asset?

Speaking of free speech being used for evil purposes: Playboy magazine. Pornography has been allowed due to freedom of expression and free speech. But it’s poison. And Hugh Hefner was by numerous accounts a very evil man.

Just what was he doing with his life? Besides his carefully-cultivated exterior image, was there more?

Hollywood Has Always Been Evil

You may not believe that strange things like “mind control” really exist, but I can confidently tell you, reader, that you have been mind controlled many times. Maybe you are right now. Because Hollywood is mind-control. It’s a very evil institution, and it totally programs it’s viewers. They don’t call it TV “programming” for nothing, either.

The Collapse of Western CivilizatioN: More on How Multicultural Societies Always Fail

“Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by the west.” Video by Paul Joseph Watson laying it all out:

And yes: where IS the church in all this??