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Symbolism Part 2

In this next part, I will be examining one of the great symbols of 20th-century America. It was “great” in the sense that it affected massive, widespread change in society. Upheaval, even. Revolution. It was “great” due to it’s power and effectiveness, but it was not “great” in any sense of being positive. In fact, it was a great cause of negativity and destruction (as you will see).

Was this symbol truly so significant and important? I would argue yes – it was. In fact, I would classify this symbol as industrial-grade in it’s engineering and military-grade in it’s power. It’s such a perfect symbol because it not only appears innocuous (even weak) but it looks like a “fun” symbol. In fact, that’s what it promises: fun. As in “play”.

This iconic, powerful, and highly-effective symbol I am referring to is the Playboy symbol.

You may be asking, what’s so powerful about a simple picture of some rabbit ears and one word in simple lettering? “What did I miss“?

If you doubt the power of this “simple” symbol, you only need to inspect its fruit and see the results it caused. Simple symbols can be very powerful: if you’ve ever been angrily shown the middle-finger after a minor altercation, you know how well a symbol can communicate a message quickly and powerfully. The Playboy symbol is such a “power” symbol, in part because of its “weak” appearance.

Strength Through Weakness

What exactly is a “weak” appearance, and is what ways does the Playboy bunny have the appearance of weakness? This symbol presents innocence, delicateness, frailness, vulnerability, and even femininity. But by appearing to be weak, it’s actually strong.

The immediately obvious weakness and frailness of the bunny symbol is apparent: the rabbit is a “soft” animal. The rabbit isn’t aggressive. We don’t think of rabbits as threatening. If anything, the rabbit is something that feels threatened itself. It’s a small animal that quickly flees and hides in holes. That image – instantly invoked in our minds at a subconscious level – is not the entire message of the symbol, however.

What else is the rabbit associated with? Reproduction and fertility. The act of mating, specifically. (As you will see with so many other symbols, primal forces are invoked – often connected to sexuality.) Ah, yes – now we see the obvious intended association with this symbol’s use. In a magazine intended to arouse men with images of unattainable women presented in a sexual context, the Playboy rabbit logo is apt.

“Even I understand this symbol.”

The reproductive act and the things associated with reproduction (i.e. nudity and sex) are primal. The rabbit itself (the literal animal) is primal and invokes nature, woods, forests, and animalistic roots of mankind. (It’s almost as if these feelings could…return a person to Eden – if they allow the subconscious feelings to carry them away within their spirit.) Because this symbol signals on a basic, primal level – even a caveman can understand it! And we are all “cavemen” in a fleshly, human, basic sense.

But this basic, caveman-like, almost primitive manipulation of your mind (and feelings) doesn’t happen within your conscious, verbalized, “out-loud” mind – it happens on a more subdued level. It appeals to our deeply-embedded, subconscious, natural self more than to our modern, cultivated, refined, conscious, thinking intellect. And it does so without any sort of language. This is how symbols – especially this one – wield a great deal of power!

The Power of a Name

But in this case, the picture-logo is only a piece of the whole. The name itself communicates a great deal, on a less-than-conscious level. Have you ever really thought about the name? Many people could define a “playboy”: it’s some kind of a man-about-town who likes to have fun, dresses well, and has a bit of money to throw around. He’s a classy party animal, a sharp-dressed man from a ZZ Top video. Do you get the picture? Sure you do – because it’s the obvious intended meaning.

But the secondary, “shadow meaning” of the Playboy name is what it tells you. As an imperative command, the title says: “Play, boy”. When the reader of the magazine looks at the cover, the bold word authoritatively says to him, “You can be a grown-up boy – and do nothing but play.” If you doubt this interpretation – and if you doubt that an innocuous symbol can be so multi-layered with meaning – refer to the rules of symbols in part 1.

I must reiterate: the Playboy symbol is a military-grade symbol that affected 20th-century America like no other.

It took America from this:

Happy Family Leaving Church by Peter Stevens

…to this:

Everything Is Inverted, Because It’s Satanism

It took American men from this: …to this:

It took American women from this:

A Lady

…to this:

The woman Proverbs warned you about

The symbolism really was telling the American man that he didn’t need to grow up, that he deserved to have libertine fun, and that women like the ones pictured within the pages of the magazine were out there waiting for him. He just had to chase after the Playboy lifestyle – of course without knowing or realizing that the “rabbit” lifestyle symbolized on the cover was always just out of reach. The fruit of his efforts was more likely to be frustration and arrested development – not a facsimile of Hugh Hefner’s seemingly-eternal bachelor pad lifestyle, teeming with models, parties, and fun. Symbolism, in the case of the Playboy bunny, sells illusions – unattainable illusions to be longed after.

The “man who reads Playboy” was destined to be a loser, sapped of his energies by an alluring fantasy.

Feminism’s Fruit

At the same time in American popular culture, women were being spoken to and subverted through other powerful means. The fruit of these (and other) efforts was the so-called “sexual revolution” of the 1960s, the undermining of the bedrock institution of society known as the “family”, the perversion of accepted morality, pollution of free speech, and ultimately the broken culture we have today. [The various well-engineered methods by which American culture was destroyed is another very complex story, but for now I’ll just acknowledge that foundations of American society finally “broke” right around the turn of the 21st century.]

You may be wondering if all those things could really be connected to Playboy. All that – just from a “harmless” rabbit symbol?

You wouldn’t be wrong to doubt me. (After all, the symbol is just a cuddly, fun, harmless rabbit – and that’s one of the symbol’s intended effects.) The direct effects seem to be negligible…until you actually do a bit of thinking. Hmm…what are the effects of viewing the pictures in magazines (or on websites) like Playboy? And what did Playboy give rise to? Did other magazines come after Playboy? Were the other magazines different in any way, such as the nature of their content?

You have to systematically think these things through and consider that this symbol has a dark side. Once you realize that the internet porn and even AI sexbots of today have a connection to Playboy magazine (which came out in 1953), you’ll wonder what else is connected and importantly why – and who could have planned all of this? Because it certain is a tangled, very intricate web of warrens.

To answer that last question – you need to think much, much bigger than even Hugh Hefner and his secret “blackmail” vault Even with his alleged CIA connections. But that is certainly an interesting “rabbit trail” – so let’s look at a quick video showing what Playboy hath wrought (you can play it at 2x and still get the gist):

[HookTube Backup Link]

After the string of contemplated suicides, actual suicides, drug addictions, tell-alls using words like “nightmare” and “creepy”, mental breakdowns, and other tragedies – a normal person would say, “Something’s wrong with this picture”. The rabbit trail of destroyed lives should make us consider that behind the seeming wonderland represented by Playboy symbol there was actually a rabbit hole that led to a pool of tears.

We know that Hugh Hefner manipulated his Playmate bunny “girlfriends” as well as everyone else he surrounded himself with. Why should we assume that his readers were no less manipulated? Let’s not forget that not only was Hugh Hefner a psychologist with some training in sociology – but he was a professional creative writer. And he was servant to high priest of perversion propaganda – Alfred Kinsey. From a purely human aspect, how well does he qualify as someone who might know how to use symbolism for control purposes? (He qualifies fairly well, and perfected his craft.)


Far from the image we’ve been presented, Playboy is not and was not “classy” or refined in any way. It was far removed from the soft, harmless innocence suggested by its symbolism. Instead, it was a slyly-marketed Trojan Horse – intended to subvert generations of men (and women!) toward brokenness.

Presently, Playboy has very little social relevance. But for fully half a century, Playboy played its role – and the plan worked.

It all started with a symbol. And symbolism can accomplish much – for good or evil. Symbols do have power.

For Further Research
Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler – Summary (1989, US Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) by Judith A. Reisman, PhD

Playboy at Whale.to – [The perfect reptile life on earth.]

New Information About Dead Playboy Playmate Reveal Life as a Beta Kitten Slave – does reading this in light of recent verified info make it more believable?



Round-Up (Oct. 10, 2019): Universities Normalizing Pedos – Porn Addiction Health Crisis – UFOs in the News – AI Gods Very Close – Demon Possession in Oregon – Greta Thunberg Death Metal

Pedos Being Pushed As Normal

First they come for the children in public libraries. Now they are coming for the mentally deficient (i.e. college kids in California universities. OK, that was a mean joke.): San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia As A “Sexual Orientation”. Of course they are pushing this. And of course it starts in California.

Porn Is Bad For You, Mmmkay?

Smart Phones, Computers Creating Generation Of Porn Addicts; Some States Call It ‘Public Health Emergency’. This whole porn addiction situation really is getting…out of hand. Seriously.

UFOs in the News

UFO news headlines have increased exponentially since I began writing about them on this blog. Snake-Like UFO Returns. All the time, these types of UFOs and the “pill-shaped” UFOs are making news headlines in major networks and agencies. Military and law enforcement people are often interviewed. Yet NO ONE seems to have any real answers to explain what these things are.

You Can Now See the AI Gods (Beta Versions, Anyway)

Robotic priests are here. Prophets are next. And then gods.

Demons Manifesting More in the Present-Day End Times

Oregon priest performs exorcisms: ‘Cases are getting darker’. This guy is performing exorcisms regularly in Oregon. Do you ever wonder how many demon-possessed people are walking around daily in most big cities?

Greta Thunberg Death Metal

Just for fun: Greta Thunberg sings Swedish death metal. Pretty good song, actually.

Midsommar: A Mass-Ritual Initiation as a Movie

I’ve contended in previous posts that much of what we know as “entertainment” – especially concerts or massive events such as Burning Man – actually serve a dual purpose. These events are actually ceremonies. The participants – the attendees – are actually participants in a ceremony that has a mystical purpose.

I am not saying that the crowd members of a Madonna or Miley Cyrus or Little Wayne or Beyonce or Lady Gaga or Billy Eilish performance have purchased their tickets in order to witness ceremonial magic. In fact, they have purchased their tickets in order to have fun and to see a “star” perform an act. But unknowingly, something else is happening simultaneously with the actions on stage that pose as mere amusement and entertainment.

Can someone be part of something they don’t fully comprehend?

Can words and/or actions have more than one meaning?

Does a person’s lack of awareness of their actions lessen the results?

Is there such a thing as spiritual “energy”?

Is there any validity to the concept of worship?

Have people ever been worshipped? What form(s) does worship take?

Live, in-person events have limited capacity. Even the Pope, when speaking to the devoted crowd in front of St. Peter’s basilica, can only been seen and heard by a limited number of people – no more than a few hundred thousand.

But a televised event, such as a Superbowl halftime show, can reach millions of participants. A ceremony can incorporate millions of worshipers or initiate millions of new acolytes. Which brings me to another question:

Can a person be initiated into a religion without their full knowledge?

And this all brings me to the video by Truthstream Media in which they analyze the movie Midsommar. Midsommar is apparently full of actual magical symbolism – and it could serve as a method of initiation into some level of (formerly) occult mysteries.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/6gt-DsWO4ks” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>


Don’t Let Clown World Surprise You

People seem to be taken aback as they increasingly see the evidence that they live in a place and a culture that has recently been christened with the moniker of “Clown World”.

You might not be interested in Clown World, but Clown World is interested in you!

You see people commenting on it on blogs. You hear people lament it in real life. You see the YouTube videos in which people lambast it. On social media, people post memetic shivs to mock it.

The fathers wonder how they lost the society they grew up in. The moms struggle to understand what happened to the culture they used to know. The kids are not all right, as they find ways to cope with this place.

It’s because we all live in Clown World.

But no one should be surprised. It’s all happened before.

Ancient Rome was Clown World. Revolutionary France was Clown World manifested. Berlin was the capital of Clown World during Weimar Germany. Now, it’s America’s turn.

Clown World is a wonderful place…to certain people. Simultaneously, Clown World is a hellscape to others. Whatever it is, Clown World should not be surprising. It’s a place that rejects God, and embraces the fallen angel Lucifer. So it should be no surprise that all of the following are true of Clown World:

  • Clown World is Tranny World. Clown World is where mothers decide that their boy-children should (instead) be girls. So they decide to have their sons genitalia surgically removed (in a vain attempt) to turn their male child into a female (or a pale, mocking imitation thereof).
  • Clown World is Sodom World. Clown World is a place where men insert their penises inside of other men’s digestive tracts (via the rectum). They then hold parades to commemorate and to celebrate their hobby. (Yay!) Very often, this (strange) activity – a misuse and abuse of the human body – becomes the very essence and core of their identity. (And why shouldn’t anal sex be the focal point of existence, bigot?)
  • Clown World is Child-Killing World. Clown World is a state of mind that causes a mother-to-be to seek out a man willing to insert a knife into her body for the purpose of dismembering and killing the woman’s child. After the woman has betrayed and killed her own son or daughter within the safety of her womb, the woman thanks the man by paying him money. [She then is free to bring forth another life, for the purpose of killing it, and is glad for the freedom and opportunity to do so.]
  • Clown World is Brain-Washing World. It’s a land where children are mandated to attend government-run schools. These schools teach the children things that undermine their heritage, their own country…their very existence. Sometimes, one of the students of the school kills some of his fellow students, and after a day of thoughts and prayers, the school once again opens it doors – and the cycle continues.
  • Clown World is Invasion World. In Clown World, impoverished invaders from other lands are welcomed and then given a place to live, a card to allow for free shopping, and unlimited free visits to doctor and hospitals. No taxes are required, no military service is required, and the invaders have no need to even learn the language of the land. All is provided, with absolutely no obligation – legal, moral, or otherwise. Any natives (who oppose the invasion) are angrily silenced and treated as enemies.
  • Clown World is Amusement World. It would not truly be a clown world without constant entertainment – to help run out the clock on this timeline of stuff called “life”. Amusement is literally “no thinking”, and to ensure that – anything one’s heart desires is available, often quickly and easily: free pornography, immersive video games, movies full of realistic special FX, addictive social media, pills that will numb a painfully aware mind, beautiful and comforting lies told be reassuring “news” announcers – whatever you need to make it to the finish line of death. (Including assisted suicide – if necessary.)

Clown World is a place of inversion: down is up, dark is light, evil is good – and anything good is hateful, shameful, and detestable – including (and especially) the supreme God of the universe. [Roosh wrote about this satanic “inversion” not long ago.]

I feel ya, homie

But – as cutting-edge and modern and Clown World may seem – it’s not new. Jesus, during the days in which He walked on this earth in a mortal body among men, spoke of Clown World. He named it “This present evil world”. For a timespan of thirty-three years, He was in it – but He was not of it.

And neither are those who are His brothers, friends, fellow-heirs, followers, and disciples.

To critically understand Clown World from a human perspective, read Heartiste or The Daily Stormer (if you dare). To critically understand clown world from God’s perspective…read the Bible.

To comprehend the human cost of Clown World, read what honest and plain-spoken men have written. To comprehend the spiritual cost of clown world, read what our Creator says about this place. [And believe it.]

Instead of “heaven on earth” (as the open-border utopians, socialists, and other types of satanists seek after and preach), Clown World is the earth without heaven: not yet hell on earth – but heading in that direction with seemingly blind determination – and even glee.

Clown World is undoubtedly a system, an agenda, and a battleground. But Clown World is just…the world.

Here are a few things to remember about this time and place we now call “Clown World”.

  • It’s happened before, and this iteration of Clown World will come to an end. There’s always a “reset”. This too shall pass.
  • Things tend to even out. Everyone really does get what they deserve in the end. Some people call it karma. Biblically, it is commonly known as the Law of Sowing and Reaping. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
  • You need not be overtaken by it. Just as a country’s ambassador might live in a hostile foreign land for a brief period, only to be called home at the end of his service, a believer in God can stay in this present evil world system without being obligated to its customs or internalize its influence. While you can’t stay within the embassy walls constantly, you can retreat into them when needed. God is real, the Bible is true, and prayer changes things.

Don’t let Clown World surprise you.

And don’t let Clown World get you down.

The Truth About Social Media (You Won’t Want to Hear)

Here is the Truth about “social media” – and it is a fact that you won’t want to hear:

It causes brain damage.

Yes, I meant that. Brain damage, in the strictist way of defining it, would mean harm or ill effects dealt to a person’s thinking apparatus (i.e. the person’s brain).

Social media does that to you. As you browse pictures of things that other people have (that you don’t have), see images of places they’ve been (that you haven’t traveled to), and gaze at selfies of people that make them look great (when you’re at home in your bathrobe with no makeup)…it harms you in subtle ways.

People use social media – always – to present their lives in the best possible light at the best possible angle. It’s not reality, but your brain doesn’t stop to consider all of that. Instead, the brain engages in the poisonous habits called “envy” and “jealousy”.

Social media “sells” you. When people think of social media, they would not think of a business in a strict sense. Because the user pays nothing when they use the sites. But a product is being sold. The “product” is you – the user.

The tech companies are led by scumbags.

Do you get it yet?

The only rules they believe in are the rules they set for you, the hapless and unaware user. Society’s “meatspace” rules and the rules of laws (of any nation) don’t apply to the tech elite.

Do you get it yet?

Social media damages your brain.

Round-up (9/13/19): Demons Manifest Physically – Satanism in Entertainment – Spiritual Warfare – Pedophilia aka Satanic Child Abuse

Today’s new round-up is (mostly) comprised of a number of items that didn’t make it into earlier updates – but are newsworthy.

Demons Manifest Physically On Earth (in the Form of “Drag Queens”)

If these people aren’t actual demons, they’ll do until the portals open. (I’m just joking. Or AM I?)

Drag queen blames little children for shocking photos at public library. Pure evil, totally reprobate, and sickening.

Just a few years ago, the term “drag queen” wasn’t even used among normal people. Instead, the term transvestite or cross-dresser was used.

Why and how did the terminology change? What are these people – really? What is their goal in relation to children and innocence? Do they want to preserve innocence…or do they want to feed on and destroy innocence?

Satanism in Entertainment

A lengthy article with videos showing that The Goal of Hollywood…is to Normalize Satanism.

Spiritual Warfare

You are in a war. Currently. And you can’t opt-out, run from it, or decide to be neutral. You are in the conflict. Your only choices are: victory or defeat and which side you’re on.

Interesting YT channel and website dealing with spiritual warfare:
“Soldier for El Shaddai, a.k.a. a targeted individual (TI). We were like Neo, asleep in Satan’s matrix. One day God came along, gave us the red pill and unplugged us. Ever since Agent Smiths have been after us. Our refuge is Jesus Christ.”

Exposing Darkness YouTube Channel

Gangstalking Unveiled spiritual warfare website

Pedophilia: A Fancy Name for Satanic Child Abuse

There is nothing more damnable than harming a child. And there has been an increase in the evil sexual abuse of children. It’s becoming mainstream and even increasingly acceptable within popular culture. We are headed toward “Weimerica” – a re-manifestation of Weimar Berlin within American culture.

Pedophile & Convicted Child Porn Peddler Says ‘Desmond is Amazing’ is “Hot”

New Vermont Law Would Require Taxpayers to Fund Sex Change Operations For Children. Could even allow for surgery without parental permission.

LGBT ‘pride’ parade advocates say children like to see ‘nakedness’ and ‘kink’

Here is a factual statement that we should all think about: Evil people truly DO want to corrupt and ruin children – YOUR children.

Don’t let them.

Round-Up (09/12/19): Parents Aborting Their Kids, Transhumanoid Embryos

Clown World continues on the same path. I wonder how many more clowns can possibly exit the crazy clown car we call “society”?

Here are a couple of news items showing what’s happening. Satan is sure hard at work. The question now is: what are you doing for God?

Parents Killing Their Own Children

What is happening here? Looks like a post-birth abortion. A dad threw his baby son into a river and sat down for a drink. I wonder what inspired this? Could it possibly be “abortion” acceptance? Nah. Couldn’t be. No way.

Growing Artificial Human Babies

A while back I wrote about the possibility of robots growing babies in artificial wombs (i.e. “hybrid” humans). It might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel (or specifically the book Brave New World), but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In fact, certain motivated people are getting closer to “growing” people artificially by creating what are known as “embryoids”. Scott Adams also mentioned this area of transhumanism, and I wrote about it in this post.

Round Up (June 26): Third World California Edition

California Turning into the Third World

Conditions On The Streets Of San Francisco Are Comparable To “The Slums Of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jarkarta, And Manila”. In case you don’t know, that’s not a good thing. Lots of human feces on the streets. Instead of people stepping in dog poop, dogs step in human poop. California has gone down the tubes.

Rap Music = Exploitation of Black People

Reported from Anonymous Conservative: “An interesting link, which tells of a meeting in 1991 which appeared to be organized by some intel group, where music industry executives were told they were going to popularize rap music that promoted criminality and violence because major investment funds that owned the music business also had invested heavily in privatized prisons, and they felt they could criminalize the black community and drive up the stock prices of the prison companies, whose services were now going to be needed. Combine this with the guy on 4Chan who said he did a CIA research project which examined how humans were hardwired to mimic people who were presented to us as high-status, as a sort of evolved mechanism to help us become high status by instinctually doing what high-status people did. The truth is, all of these conspiracy stories, at their root, feature cash on the table, waiting for someone with the gumption to step up and take it. Thinking they are impossible is imagining a world where nobody would do anything immoral.”

What’s the Difference?

State-Enforced Mandatory Perversion? It’s the Future!

Christian School Hit with SWAT-Style Raid, CA Demands They Allow Sexual Exploration or Be Shut Down. Of course it was in California.

Spreading the Message of Traditional Morality

10 Tips for Young Traditionally-Minded Women. The more we spread good information for young women (and men) like this, the more young women and men will embrace it. The more we allow evil propaganda to be spread, the more the young people will embrace it. Now you know what you need to do.

Trump on UFOs

UFOs are in the news even more. I’ve been mentioning UFOs in the news for years now, and at this point I don’t even bother to point out individual specific articles: there are too many, too frequently. Here’s a brief analysis of Trump’s body language in regards to UFOs.

Transgenderism Equals Death

The “trans” movement is purely evil and wicked, through and through. Just one example: Lesbian Couple Stabs Nine-Year-Old Boy To Death After Forced Botched Gender Reassignment Surgery

It’s Censorship-Mania!

We’re hitting levels of censorship previously not thought possible.
Facebook Has Banned The Word “Honk” For Violating Their Community Standards

Google CEO: YouTube Will Begin Targeting ‘Content Which Doesn’t Exactly Violate Policies’

Facebook Deletes ‘Natural News’ Facebook Page

Pinterest Bans Zero Hedge By Adding To “Porn Domain Block List” Used To Target Conservatives

…and these are the people doing the censoring:

Google Ethics Team Busted Calling Prominent Conservative Jews “Nazis”: Veritas

They want to rob you of free thought and free choice, as shown by Project Veritas this last week.

MSM Silent After Google Election Meddling Bombshell; Video Scrubbed From YouTube

All these big corporations telling us “you aren’t allowed to read these sites” makes ya kinda want to seek out these forbidden sites, doesn’t it? It makes you want to stop supporting the now-evil corporation Google (whose phrase used to be “Don’t be Evil”).

You can start by deleting Google from your life. Replace Gmail with something else such as ProtonMail.

Owen Benjamin Telling More Truth

Owen Benjamin did a video recently on “Sex Magic” (“#538 $ex Magic, Snapchat goes full Pedo, and why the good guys always win in the end”). Very interesting stuff. I am glad to see his level of insight into the spiritual realm – because he’s got SO much right. (The one problem I have with the video is some of the language – so just be aware.) You can watch it on YouTube as of now, but I refuse to link to them. Instead you can watch it on Unauthorized.tv or on BitChute.

Instrumental Music…Censored. Why?

You can and will be banned and censored because of what you think. The musician Xurious creates only instrumental music. None of his songs express any sort of viewpoint. Yet, because of his personal beliefs, YouTube felt the need to totally ban his channel. His music can be heard on SoundCloud (for now).

Round Up (June 6): Embryonic Pulsing Edition

Words Mean Things

Realize this: the words chosen to describe something are extremely important. Not all words are equivalent. Take for example the phrase “baby’s heartbeat”. You think of a baby, and the implication is that it’s alive. You can relate to it – because you also have a heartbeat. The phrase describes so much: it’s a person like you, it has a heart, and the heart is what we use to describe the seat of emotion.

It’s a loaded phrase, full of symbolism.

Now…let’s strip some of that imbued meaning. Let’s change the phrase to “fetal heartbeat”. Hmm. Less emotive. Less meaningful. More stark and clinical.

Now…one step further. Let’s go all “New York Times” and totally change the phrase. What meaning(s) does the phrase “embryonic pulsing” communicate to you? Do you even think of a human person – or even something that is alive? [H/T to Anonymous Conservative]

Run and Hide! Nowhere is Safe From Nazis!

https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/06/04/neighbors-on-edge-as-el-sobrante-man-displays-giant-swastika-on-front-yard/ Regardless of what the homeowner’s intention is by creating the symbol in his yard, who do you side with – the media or the homeowner? Is the woman who said “it’s not safe” really being serious? Does the symbol create danger in the area? If not, why does this warrant such a dire and foreboding news report?

NetFlix Hates Humanity

All major social media, all big tech, and all the main companies that control our world (i.e. the FAG companies: Facebook, Apple, Google) absolutely hate you. They despise people. They loathe God.

You think I’m exaggerating? No, I mean it. The world hates anything good and decent, and they hate people because people are made in the image of God. Many people don’t understand that, but it’s true.

Here’s just the latest in a long line of evidence for my claim: Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series.

“Now, Netflix has entered what some would regard as infuriating uncharted territory with the Netflix Original series “Dancing Queen,” a series that focuses on a dance teacher from Texas who walks a fine line in promoting the normalization of young children and the drag queen lifestyle.”

Yeah, I guess that’s an accurate description of the series. But to really appreciate the perverse evil of it, you need to see some of the imagery from the series or watch the trailer. If you’re normal or have even a bit of goodness within you, it’ll make your blood boil with rage.

Mass Censorship Continues Unabated

YouTube really ramped up the banning and censorship this time. I’ve been talking about the tech companies doing this for years (in many past news Round Ups). But it looks like this time, YouTube really went nuts. All the cool kids are going to BitChute now.

They Hate The Truth, and Will Silence It By Law

Yeah, in real life. Not just on YouTube. In Canada, in the UK, and probably coming to much of the USA. Like what happened to this street preacher. Pray for him.