Digital Remnant Broadcast – Update for 10/16/2014

Situation report for October 16, 2014.
– Ebola, the topic you can’t escape – and my conclusions about it.

The US Army Medical Research Institute Biological Casualties Handbook concludes Ebola is transmittable via the air.

The University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy indicates Ebola might be transmittable via the air.

Do not just believe what you hear on the news, without question. How can that be sane or reasonable? (It’s not.) Question, research, read, and dig for more info. Always.

Coming Persecution to U.S. Christians? / News Headlines for Oct. 10, 2014

Is persecution coming to U.S. Christians?

Paul Washer thinks so. He makes great points in this under-4-minute video clip:

Pay attention to what he says regarding martyrs and what was publicly stated as the reason(s) for their arrest and/or execution. (He says they were presented as being some kind of “enemies of the state”.)

Paul Washer’s message pulls no punches. He is to the point, blunt, and clear. His message doesn’t carry the happy aura of supposedly-coming “victory” that people such as Joel Osteen preach, but the issue here isn’t whether or not the message is pleasant to hear, is it? No. The issue that we are concerned with is whether or not the message is true.

If Paul Washer’s assessment is indeed true – how are you preparing yourself and your family? If persecution is going to intensify against Christians in the U.S. (and other Western nations), it would make sense to not only prepare physically but prepare spiritually.

That is the important take-away you need to get from this. It’s coming, readers. Get your spiritual life in order.

Have ISIS Members Already Been Captured in the USA? – Border Patrol Agent Slams Feds: “We All Know Who We’ve Captured… You Can’t Keep This Kind Of Information A Secret”…”this agent insists terrorist organizations are operating in Mexico and he says that he is aware of at least four Islamic State insurgents that have already been detained by the government”. I’m sorry…but I refuse to ignore this news. Not only does it make SENSE but if it’s true then the implications for our public safety are enormous. Just imagine who might have successfully gotten into our country without being caught.

Ebola in Bible Prophecy – What does the Bible have to say about Ebola and the end times?

NC murder suspect with ‘devil name’ was ‘possessed,’ ‘sacrificed’ animals and ate their hearts – Again I ask: are demon-possessions increasing in our country? (I think they are.) Even if you don’t believe in the devil or in demon-possession, this guy did believe in it and acted like he was possessed. No matter if he was possessed or not, he was a very dangerous individual.

UNIVERSITY LAUNCHES FIRST-EVER ONLINE ABORTION COURSE – More evidence that our nation is degenerating and that the LORD will be forced to enact judgement on the U.S.A. What sort of supposedly “civilized” people would kill their own young? This is an example of true, literal insane thinking. “Evil” doesn’t begin to describe this college course.

Police: Letter Threatens To Behead Elementary School Students In 3 RI Communities – Was this letter genuine? If this letter made it into the news, what sorts of things are we not being told? Who wrote the letter, and do they represent Islamic beliefs? The “liberals” will say “It’s not ‘true’ Islam, because Islam is a religion of peace.” But do the finer points of Muslim theology matter when killings are actually taking place? No. Let’s be practical and realistic here. Remember what I always say (when discussing the existence of Illuminati, or Satanic cults, or whatever): it doesn’t matter if YOU believe it; what matters is that THEY believe it. There are people out there who want to harm others. Be vigilant.

I’m not necessarily a Vladimir Putin fan, but I DO like this quote: “It is impossible to move forward without spiritual, cultural, and national self-determination”. Ask yourself, does your nation have any of the above characteristics? Do YOU have any of those characteristics? The answers will show you why we (as a people) and possibly you (as an individual) are in trouble.

News Headlines for Oct. 1, 2014

Father Of ISIS Social Media Guru Still President Of Islamic Elementary School In US“Ahmed’s father, Abdulbadi Abousamra, has served as a president or board member of several mosques, Islamic schools, and Muslim political organizations in Massachusetts from the mid-1990s, and is still the president of an Islamic elementary school.”

Who Else Did the Dallas Ebola Victim Infect? – It seems likely that at least one or more other people were exposed.

Health Officials Tracing Dallas Ebola Patient’s Path – Remember, the publicly-known victim was asymptomatic for some time during which he could have exposed others to the virus. Don’t think for a second that the officials are telling you everything.

CDC REFUSES TO DIRECTLY ANSWER IF EBOLA PATIENT A US CITIZEN – “When directly asked if the patient is an American citizen, Frieden would only say, ‘He is visiting family who live in this country. Do we have any other questions in the room?'” Because not only are our country’s leaders usually dishonest, but they are overwhelmingly cowards. Do you trust these people?

Mohammed’s Favorite Sword – Can anyone name Moses’ or Jesus’ favorite swords? Didn’t think so. But Mohammed had a few he really liked, including his favorite sword called “Cleaver of Vertebrae”. (But remember, killing people has nothing to do with Islam – it’s the Religion of Peace™!)

Prosecutor downplays Islamic aspects of Oklahoma beheading – You’re not surprised, I hope.

Oklahoma Terror and Gun Control – The media hasn’t reported honestly and fully on the OK beheading. Yes, they downplayed the “gun” aspect of the story because it doesn’t fit into the “gun control” narrative they push.

French Supermarket Sells Muslim-Branded AK-47 Toy for 1 Euro – This article is from a liberal website. You can almost hear their shrill shrieks because of this toy’s supposed racism. I ask: do not Muslim fighters often carry AK-47’s? Maybe this toy should come with a toy sword or small toy beheading blade as well.

Digital Remnant Broadcast – Update for 9/29/2014

In this broadcast I discuss ISIS, the future of America, and mention some of the signs you can expect to see in the near future. Do “prophetic events” still happen in 2014 society? Are the things in the news of any spiritual significance? What is the connection between the Black Mass in Oklahoma and recent events such as the beheading?


Oklahoma Black Mass [LINK] – The physical results were ho-hum. But what were the spiritual ramifications?

What We Learned About the OK Beheading Suspect [LINK] – #9 shows him making the ISIS fighter hand signal.

Oklahoma Muslims Praise Allah for Beheading [LINK] – Where are the “moderate Muslims” when you need ‘em?

Second OK Muslim Threatens to Behead Co-worker [LINK 1] [LINK 2] – Said beheading Christians is “just what we do”.

From a Food Plant Worker: “I work for a produce repackaging company wheres about 400 Muslims are employed, about half of which use knives with 12″ blades…The question I have now is, how long before mass beheadings begin taking place in other food processing facilities where the employees are predominantly Muslim?” [LINK] – Yeah, very good question. And a timely question.  I would watch my back….er, neck.